How to Buy a Removable Swimming Pool Fence – Dos and Don’ts of Buying a Pool Fence

Recently, I published an article about buying a retractable safety pool fence. The article received a lot of attention and I felt pleased about the response. Nevertheless, after receiving several emails. It occurred to me that I might have missed a couple of minor details. Since the price of the fence was quite expensive, I felt that it should receive more attention. Get the facts!

Consider first the likelihood that a less-than-stellar pool fence could be bought without any guidance. Keep in mind that knowledge is king.

We will start by looking at the companies that provide pool fencing. You should always check the companies in your locality. If you are buying a fence, it is not recommended to buy from a company located more than 100 mile from home. The reason is that if you need repairs or service you need them right now and not next week. Use the printed material and phone numbers to determine the distance between the fence company’s home base and yours. Look at websites for clues to the address of the pool fence company. Many pool fencing companies will hide their real location.

Installers who are not insured for workers’ compensation may be used by some companies. These people are referred to as independent contractors. They often get paid by cash and disappear tomorrow. Ask questions. Ask questions. Could I have a look at your binder? It could become a problem if they do not have the copy. They must show the proof. Write down their phone number, the name of the insurance company, and date. A copy of the binder would also be ideal. It should not be a problem for the fencing company.

If you ever have an emergency with the fence (such as “the dog chewed a section of it and now there’s a hole”), you will need the problem fixed immediately. Safety cannot be delayed. It is possible that if you buy a pool fence from a company out of town, you will be given a number. The reason for this may be because they aren’t as concerned about you anymore, have taken your money and are not interested in repairs. Installing a pool fencing will put you on their list. They will accommodate you if the company is booked for several days. If you are a warranty company and the safety of your customers is not an issue, a 48-hour turnaround is reasonable.

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