Are You Looking for Mini-Storage Equipment For Sale

If so, you are one of the few smart investor who have recognized that there is “gold there hills”. The mini storage buildings industry was founded in the late 1960s. Many thousands of people have made this their small gold mine.

These smart investors realize that storage buildings are needed across the country for different reasons. Some areas of the country have rents rising faster than consumers can keep pace with. This has forced them to live in smaller spaces …… Many cities and areas don’t have enough storage which has created a need to build more.

Even in this difficult economy, some businesses have to move into smaller offices. This raises the question: what to do about their extra furniture? If you are one smart mini storage owner, the answer is easy. My mini-storage property is available for rent. These people can have a mini storage unit at a reasonable price.

If you are looking to purchase a mini-storage, you will likely have previous experience in realty investing …. often by renting out residential properties. After experiencing the numerous issues associated with owning residential properties, you may want to consider a different approach ….. The old adage that rental real estate would not be as great without tenants, tubs, and toilets is true. Many people have nightmare stories, from drug use, prostitution, or even murder of their rental property. There has got to be a better solution.

Now that you have found mini-storage facilities to sell, let me show you how investing in self storage can be done. A few background facts: There are at most 4 to 5 large Real Estate Investment Trusts. Their names include Extra Space (Public Storage), Uncle Bobs (Shurguard), Shurguard, and U-Store-It. These REIT’s exist to make money. You should look them up since they are public. Then you’ll see how efficient they operate, and the dividends they give to their investors …… Now you have to ask if you can purchase some mini-storage so that you can operate in the same manner.

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